Femmes Fatales is a girl rock band from Bratislava established in 2007.  Most of the girls already knew each other from a previous musical cooperation. However, the first steps leading towards the formation of Femmes Fatales were made by Mirka and Lubka. One day they met over beer and agreed to set up a guitar duet where they would play their favorite cover songs. Thus the regular rehearsals with the goal to put a playlist together could start. What would no one guess, the girls soon moved from the practicing of cover songs to composing tunes of their own; tunes they really felt from inside. At this time songs like” Hej stoj!” or “Ráno a flaška” were created. But something was missing. Therefore the girls decided to ask the singer Viki to join them, and she did so without any doubt.

As they were used to, Mirka and Lubka went to pay a visit to a rock pub and get musically inspired by their favorite band. Unexpectedly they met Sandra, the keyboard player. Just a short note about starting a band was enough to get her involved as well. As it was about time to come up with a proper band name, the girls started we-are-searching-for-the-band-name campaign. It didn’t take long, just one hint and the name was there- Femmes Fatales.

Now there was only one detail missing, the drums. After little persuasion the drummer Mirka Benka said her yes too. And the band was finally complete. The girls started to work intensively on their own songs and the repertoire kept growing and growing. In 2009 they decided to move ahead and recorded chosen songs in the studio. By the end of the year the first Femmes Fatales demo came into existence.

After almost 2 years of playing the band was hit by so far the biggest stroke – the drummer Mirka Benka decided to terminate her musical career for good. Therefore the girls started to look for a suitable replacement. That what seemed impossible in the beginning changed suddenly. Thanks to a web ad the band came across Ivet Mikolaiová, the future Femmes Fatales engine. As people say, Ivet was in the right place at the right time. Later, a guest violinist Marta Hornyak joined, and in September 2011 the band finally released their debut “A čo, že sme ženy!”

At the end of 2011, the girls were approached by an Austrian music manager Erich who offered them to perform abroad. This was the beginning of the LadyROCK project, thanks to which the girls have broadened their repertoire and made it across the “Czechoslovak” boarder. It was obviously not the end of the Femmes Fatales, rock’n’roll girls easily handle both bands.

The beginning of the year 2014 was marked by some changes in the band’s line-up. Sandra, the keyboard player, announced her leave from the band. However, together with Marta, she remains an active host on the girls´ live gigs. In the summer of 2014, Femmes Fatales were back to the studio producing EP and video “Žúúúúr!”

A lot of songs have been created during the years 2015 and 2016, this time in English, so girls  could present them also abroad. At the end of 2016, they decided to record the third CD, which was finally released in the beginning of 2018 under the title “Femmes Fatales”. This CD was also their way to say “goodbye” to the active career because of family responsibilities. The time will show, whether it’s a definitive farewell, or just a longer pause. 🙂

  Rock on girls!