Femmes Fates mp3It’s hard to make you say you’re sorry
When you’re feeling you are right
It’s hard to break your stubborn glory
When you’re seeing all things blind

You’re right, words are hurting
Your words, so much hurting baby

It’s hard to love you with your army
Full of blames and broken heart
It’s hard to admit you are truly
Shadow-blinded in your mind

Please don’t be so foolish
Hold on and let me love you darling
Cos days shall never end with broken heart shrank to the ground
Eyes cried out and sleepless mind

Darling you are the only
The only one who can make me smile again
Swallow your foolish glory
Be mine and see who I really am

It’s hard to avoid feeling lonely
When you’re not sleeping by my side
It’s hard to wake up in the morning
Knowing you’re somewhere else apart

So please, try to listen
Hear me calling for your love
Hang on, cos together we can rule the world
And make our dreams to carry on