Femmes Fates mp3You´re like a broken gramophone:
„Another gig, another party!
You´re allways somewhere without me
with your crazy damned band!
Long rehearsals 2-3 times a week
and practicing till the midnight
Wake up! It´s time to grow up,
be finally at home!“

The same shit from many other people:
„You´ re too old, too shy, too … whatever
This is not life for the serious ladies,
give up your dreams and be NORMAL!“
Know what? We don´t mind your reasons,
the same objections over again.
These are OUR lifes and not yours!
This is the way we want to live and play!

I know that you can´t understand us
´cause you´ve never been on the stage.
The amazing feeling when you play your music,
with your friends and for your friends.
It´s not abnormal to have a big dream,
so why you want us to give up?
Live your life and let us live ours,
and if you can´t, then better shut up!