Femmes Fates mp3Stop telling me what you want!

Like a bird in a cage,
feelin´ trapped in my life,
I have no time for myself
Somebody´s allways around
It´s time to say „I gotta go“
live your life and let me go.

I have a pain in my heart
and a storm in my head
I need some time on my own
why don´t you understand?
It´s not easy to be strong
and here for you.

It ´s bad situation,
bad situation, bad situation,
Stop telling me what you want!

I wanna live my own life
to be who I really am
you want to be by my side,
but I don´t really care..
All I want is a little break
from this crazy world!

Maybe one day I´ll be back,
and I´ll tell you: „I´m sorry“,
But now I need my own space
please don´t be so worried.
One day all things will be all right
without you by my side.

Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone